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2016 Church Annual Picnic

2016 JSBC Church Outing
Buffumville Lake Oxford MA

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We learn in God's word that fellowship is a HEART issue, something to be felt and expressed, and something very important to be a part of.   It should occur apart from any program, schedule, or activity.   It is to be a way of life for believers in Jesus Christ to want to be in each other's company, to share things together and to help and support each other both physically and spiritually.     If one of the members hurt we share that burden.
          Lets look at what fellowship meant to the early church.  It is recorded in the New Testament to set an example for us today.

    A. Three thousand souls were saved on the day of Pentecost. Within a few days 5000 more (Acts 4:4) believed.
      1. The early church was born in a hostile society.   The Jews had crucified Jesus less than two months earlier.   It was not popular or healthy to be a believer.
2. Yet, these believers  had to be close due their uniqueness as believers in Christ Jesus.   The church (the assembling of believers) was the source of strength.   They had at this time only the Old Testament and they were all Jews.     
B. Five things as recorded here kept them together, and strengthen them.
    1. They continuing together in one accord.
    2. They preached and taught the Gospel exhorting people to believe. V40,43
    3. They had fellowship together. v44-45
    4. They practices the ordnances, baptism and the Lord's Supper.
    5. They Prayed.
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