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International Ministries Institute (I.M.I.) is a metropolitan Bible institution that responds to the diverse spiritual and intellectual needs of the Central Massachusetts community. The Institute provides Bible and Ministry education in order to equip and assist the believer answering the Call to ministry, missions, pastoral, counseling, and evangelism. International Ministries Institute is dedicated to fulfilling its Christ- centered mission to promote the spiritual and intellectual growth of students. Committed to the philosophy that the Bible, in its original text, is the verbally inspired and inerrant Work of God, our mission is based on the conviction that the local church must respond to ministry training, ever holding before the student the image of Jesus Christ as the ultimate goal of development and growth of the whole individual.
International Ministries Institute is a metropolitan Christian school of excellence that responds to the spiritual, family, and counseling needs of the citizens of Central Massachusetts. The Institute offers a traditional course of study through a Bible-based curriculum for the purpose of advancing the evangelical, spirit-filled Christian faith. The curriculum is founded on the principles and precepts of God’s Word. The Mission objectives of the Institute are Spiritual, Intellectual, and Social.
Spiritual Objectives
To cultivate habits of obedience, prayer, Bible study, church fellowship, and witnessing; To become committed to the authority of the Word of God; To develop sensitivity to the leadership of the Holy Spirit while recognizing His manifestation in the Church and the secular world today; To acquire an understanding of biblical standards and principles for the Christ-centered and Spirit- controlled life.
Intellectual Objectives
To gain a mastery of the foundation and central teachings of the Bible; To gain basic knowledge of the theological teachings of the Bible as they relate to the history of doctrines in the past and current society; To develop knowledge and skill in the use of the tools of exegesis and an application of the Bible; To gain an understanding of God’s Plan, method of world evangelism and the role of the Christian; To discover an awareness of God’s calling and design of purpose through your natural/supernatural gifts; To develop successful study methods in order to gain practical knowledge of course materials.
Social Objectives
To develop a knowledge of God’s plan for building relationships with the Church; To understand the role of the Christian as citizen in contemporary society; To acknowledge our individual purpose and value in this present life and to observe and honor the Temple of the Holy Spirit, which is the human body.
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